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Every child in our program benefits from weekly Music and Movement classes.  Children sing, dance, play instruments, and use props such as scarves and streamers to move to the music.  Educational researchers have repeatedly shown that both music and movement enhance brain development.  Our Christmas Sing-A-Long and Spring SongFest allow the children to showcase all they’ve learned for parents and grandparents.


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At All Saints Preschool, we believe that children need lots of support  to develop the confidence to navigate new friendships, initiate conversations, and resolve conflicts.  We are very proactive in our approach, with regularly scheduled lessons using puppets and role plays to teach specific skills, such as asking for a turn with a toy, learning how to join a group that’s already playing, and including others who may feel left out.  These skills are vital to success in kindergarten and beyond, and we feel that they must be very intentionally taught, just as we would teach a child to write his name or count to ten.



Children ages 3 and up attend weekly chapel services led by the clergy of All Saints Episcopal Church. 

Our monthly themes include core values, such as helping a friend, forgiveness, and reaching out to those in need.  These brief, age-appropriate lessons emphasize the love, grace, and compassion of God using music, stories, and simple prayers.  

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Children ages 3 and up love the opportunity to check out a book each week from our extensive library of classic children’s literature.  This program encourages independence in book selection and reinforces the love of reading.


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