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Our spacious, cheerful classrooms allow plenty of room to explore.  Each classroom is set up with an area for circle time and the following centers:  blocks, housekeeping, dress-ups, science center, art & writing center, book nook, sensory table, puzzles and fine motor manipulatives.  


Our large, shaded playground is surrounded by nature and is full of swings, slides, and climbing structures to accommodate a wide variety of age groups.  Children enjoy playing with trucks in the sandbox, collecting acorns in the fall, and watching inchworms in the spring.  Visitors are welcome to use the playground any time it is not in use by our classes.






Our beautifully landscaped courtyard offers the perfect setting for painting in the garden, releasing butterflies, and many special events, such as Field Day and our annual Easter Egg Hunt. The space comes alive in the spring with flowering trees and garden blooms.  The large expanse of grass is an ideal spot for active games such as obstacle courses and parachute play.  

Our specially constructed Outdoor Classroom allows children to explore the natural world in new ways.  In addition to a group gathering space for nature lessons, the space also includes a mudpie kitchen, a digging pit, moss and fairy gardens, a tree stump obstacle course, and a construction zone, where kids build with natural objects such as stones and tree slices.  We also have storage for magnifying glasses, critter cages, butterfly nets, clipboards, field guides, and other essential supplies for exploring the great outdoors.  The Outdoor Classroom also acts as the gateway to our kid-friendly Nature Trail through the forest.  Our community garden, built by members of All Saints Church, allows children to dig in the dirt and to witness the miraculous process of growth that begins as a tiny seed.


Our indoor playroom, or “Rain Room” as the children like to call it, includes all the ingredients for active play, regardless of the weather.  With an indoor climbing structure, tricycles, hippity hops, balance beam, hula hoops, basketball net, hopscotch, and more, this spot is pure FUN!

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