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We are proud to be one of the select preschools in the Richmond area with a nationally accredited program.  We have earned the endorsement of the Association for Early Learning Leaders, through the National Accreditation Commission.  The goal of the organization is “to strengthen and enhance the standards of early child care programs which exemplify excellence in the care of young children.”  What does this mean for families?


  • We adhere to strict standards to ensure the health and safety of all children.


  • Our teachers are highly educated and are constantly updating their skills based on the latest research in child development.  Formal observations of teaching methods are conducted on a regular basis.


  • We pay particular attention to the quality of interactions between teachers and students.


  • We review our curriculum annually to make certain we meet the most current standards within the industry.


  • We document and share the developmental progress of each child with parents throughout  the year.


  • Our communication between parents and teachers is comprehensive, with daily updates about lessons, weekly newsletters and helpful reminders sent out for special events, holidays or announcements.


  • We actively seek out ways to involve parents in their child’s education, and to provide support during these challenging years of parenting.


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