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Our Teachers

Our teachers are the heart of All Saints Preschool. Our Lead and Assistant Teachers in each classroom work as partners in planning developmentally appropriate and creative learning opportunities for our students. They are professionals who are dedicated to the field of education and see the unique opportunity we have to teach our youngest learners . Our teachers are passionate about learning and are eager to pass that enthusiasm for school to our students each day.


Our Classes

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Darling Ducklings, Toddlers

Ms. Laura Smith


Laura Smith is our Lead Toddler teacher at All Saints. We are so glad to have her calm nature and creativity working with our Ducklings each day. She sets the tone for our littlest learners and they benefit from this loving and nurturing environment for their very first classroom setting.

Ms. Sydney Hudson

Sydney Hudson joined the All Saints family as a parent first, and then as a faculty member as Assistant Teacher in both the Monkeys and Ducklings classes. Her two little girls are full of energy and keep her on her toes, and Sydney always manages to juggle it all with an infectious smile and the most positive energy.


Lovely Lions, Two Year Olds


Coming Fall 2023

Ms. Mary Meyer

Mary Meyer joined All Saints in 2016, and since then, we have been thrilled to welcome 2 of her grandchildren as All Saints students as well. Ms. Mary is a wonderful example of how parents and teachers can be partners in the school experience. Whether it is a potty training question or concern about handwriting, Ms. Mary loves to work with parents to solve problems and build relationships.


Ms. Sydney Hudson


Sydney Hudson joined the All Saints family as a parent first, and then as a faculty member as Assistant Teacher in both the Monkeys and Ducklings classes. Her two little girls are full of energy and keep her on her toes, and Sydney always manages to juggle it all with an infectious smile and the most positive energy.


Fantastic Foxes, Two Year Olds

Coming Fall 2023!


Wonderful Whales, Three Year Olds

Ms. Mindy Robertson


Ms. Robertson brings her creativity and fantastic sense of humor to her role as is our Lead Teacher in the Wonderful Whales. Ms. Robertson takes the time to get to know each of her children on a personal level and meets each child where he or she is, and her ability to do so creates a truly special classroom community.

Ms. Kathryn Hornbaker

Ms. Kathryn has worked in most all the classrooms at All Saints, but has settled into her position as the Threes Assistant in recent years and we are so very lucky to have her! Kathryn is a mom to two children, and is also an avid tennis player. Kathryn brings a ray of sunshine to everyone she meets!


Ms. Mary Catherine Copes


Mrs. Copes is the mom to 3 boys and she brings all her boy-mom skills to the classroom! Whether it is helping clean up a mess or working through a tantrum, Mrs. Copes’ patience and positive attitude bring so much to the Wonderful Whales setting.

Zany Zoo

Zany Zoo, Three Year Olds

Ms. Leslie Bond

Leslie Bond brings years of experience as a kindergarten teacher to her role as Lead Teacher in the Zany Zoo. Ms. Leslie’s background is so helpful in building early literacy and numeracy skills and a love of learning in her students. Her lessons allow her students to develop these concepts in developmentally appropriate and playful ways!


Ms. Bev Kniffen


Mrs. Kniffen has been with All Saints for over 20 years, and we are so grateful for her loyal dedication to both our school and All Saints Church. Mrs. Kniffen never forgets a birthday and loves to make everyone she meets feel so special every day.

Ms. Althea Mease

Ms. Althea joined All Saints in 2022 and we are lucky to have her energy and enthusiasm in our classrooms. She loves being creative with kids and feels strongly that the arts, outdoor exploration and movement are important parts of our day!


Kind Koalas, Four Year Olds

Ms. Nicole Barker


Mrs. Barker is the mom to two All Saints graduates, and is also a seasoned kindergarten teacher. Her classroom is the perfect balance of playful learning, as she places a great deal of value on developing a love of learning and school along with kindergarten readiness. Her classroom is a joyful place to learn and grow!

Ms. Dana Neel

Ms. Dana is the mom of two who has mastered the art of multitasking! She keeps the classroom running smoothly and makes sure that everything is ready for students to have a great day. We love to hear of Ms. Dana’s adventures in running long races; she brings so much positive energy to her classroom and we are so lucky to have her with us!


Mighty Monarchs, Four Year Olds


Coming Fall 2023!


Outstanding Owls, Junior Kindergarten

Ms. Karen Kusterer

Ms. Karen has been with All Saints as a staff member since 2016 and is the mom to 3 All Saints graduates. A former elementary teacher, she works hard to meet the individual needs of each child and to celebrate their personal successes each day. Her classroom is full of laughter, favorite children’s literature and opportunities to explore each day.


Coming Fall 2023

Resource Teachers

Resource Teachers

Music with Ms. Anne Schultz

Miss Anne brings so much creativity and imagination to her weekly music classes.  Mom to triplet girls who are All Saints graduates, she has been a part of our school family since 2016.  When she isn't teaching in our Studio, you can often find her on our campus teaching drop in classes for our community families. 


Art with Ms. Melissa Taylor


Mrs. Taylor brings over two decades of teaching experience to her position as Director.  Prior to joining All Saints as a threes teacher, she was an Art Teacher in Hanover County Public Schools and St. Christopher's School in Richmond. Melissa is not only a National Board Certified Teacher, but also a Fulbright Award winner and is endorsed in Supervision and Administration. 

Social Skills with Ms. Megan Kaiser

Megan Kaiser is known to our children as Mighty Megan!  She is mom to three daughters who are All Saints graduates, and is also a former elementary school guidance counselor.  Her lessons take complicated topics such as personal space and inclusion and transforms them into developmentally appropriate and relatable strategies for our three and four year old students. 


Physical Education


Coming Fall 2023

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