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it's a warm, inviting feeling."

“All Saints has something you can’t explain . . .

it feels like a family.”

“Every teacher in the school knows my son’s name and

“Our daughter absolutely LOVES going to school

– she even wakes up asking to go on Saturdays!” 

“All Saints exudes love!”

“We live just across the river, and I love that I can zip right over so quickly.  The carpool line also makes for 

     and there are lots

of choices during open play time.”

"The lessons are challenging, but not frustrating,

“All Saints has done a superb job of meeting the needs of my child and 

preparing her for kindergarten.”
foster his independence & spark his creativity.”

“The moment I stepped in the door, I knew my child would be cared for in an environment that would

fine motor skills."

“I can already see a big change in my son’s

teachers are what really set All Saints apart."

"Everything is top-notch, but the

super easy drop-offs and pick-ups.”


especially the parents of my daughter’s new friends.”

get to know other moms,
Being new to Richmond,

it has been so nice to

 which are great conversation starters to get my child talking about his day.”

“My son’s teacher keeps us connected with wonderful e-mails each week
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