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Our Campus

So much of our learning takes place outside of our classroom walls!  From our huge shaded playground and outdoor classroom, to the tricycle track and courtyard, from our hiking trails to our neighboring pond; our teachers love to bring our lessons outside and take advantage of all that the All Saints Church campus has to offer.



Our spacious playground offers play structures for both our oldest and youngest learners.  There is  plenty of space for children to spread out to run, explore, jump and swing.  Our choice of natural materials for our playground is intentional; children love to look for worms in mud puddles and collect pine cones and needles in our kitchen buckets.  Our playground is the place where kids connect with nature, build gross motor skills, fine motor skills and their imagination all at once!

Woods & Trails 

Beyond the playground you will find marked hiking trails that culminate at Roslyn, the Retreat Center of the Episcopal Church that is located next door to All Saints.  Our youngest learners love to take short “hikes” in the woods to look for leaves, birds, trees and all things nature!  As our children get older, they are able to walk a bit further and eventually will walk to our favorite spot…the pond!  The chance to take a mini-field trip on our own campus is one our teachers love to utilize!


Outdoor Spaces


The tricycle track and courtyard are additional spaces that can be used when beautiful weather calls for fresh air lessons.  The courtyard provides the perfect backdrop for an impromptu snack or story time, or for one of our favorite annual events…the Easter Egg Hunt!

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