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Our Studio Space

The Studio is a wonderful space for creative expression. The space has been curated to include long tables for messy class projects and lunchtime gatherings. It provides a home for Miss Anne's Music classes, lots of dramatic playtime, and an additional space to help our students get their wiggles out.


By providing dramatic play supplies and scenarios, we set the stage for so much more than dress up.  We support children as they navigate problem solving and turn taking.  Students will build vocabulary and conversational  skills as they narrate situations.  Self expression, creativity and risk taking are also reasons we love to encourage dramatic play in our studio area.  Teachers rotate through a number of supply kits in this room, from veterinary clinics and pizza parlors to circuses and cupcake shops!

This bright and beautiful room offers tons of light and space for art that is sometimes just too messy for the classroom setting.  Our Studio space is the perfect solution to let our students spread out and express their creativity!  Our extra large tables play host to cooking and painting projects throughout the year, with easy access to cleanup in our nextdoor kitchen.


The Studio is also home to our Lunch & Learn program. The space allows students to find a home along the classroom walls for the tote-bags, and the ample table space allows children to eat lunch before exploring all the Studio has to offer!

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