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Our Rain Room

Children need to wiggle and move, and a rainy day won't stop them! Our indoor play space, the Rain Room, is a great option to encourage movement when the playground is too soggy an option.  Climbing structures, scooters, hula hoops, and bouncing balls encourage gross motor development on even the wettest day. 


Our Rain Room includes our unique climbing structure. The wooden play structure is a safe option for even our tiniest risk takers.  For those who need a quiet spot, the cozy nooks below the slide are a perfect place to turn into reading cubbies. The space also includes y-bikes and cars for riding around, turn taking and sharing are key when deciding who gets to drive first!  Our teachers coach children on how to problem solve themselves when challenges like these arise.

Building eye-hand coordination and crossing the midline are important gross motor skills that impact a child's entire development.  Providing opportunities to play catch and throwing in this mini-environment builds confidence you'll see later on the basketball court!


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