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Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are the perfect balance of playful and peaceful, with natural light and calm colors.  Each classroom provides a wide variety of play and learning opportunities. Our students come to see the classroom as a second home where they feel welcome, safe, and free to explore.


Our main preschool area houses our Toddlers, 2s and 3s classrooms, as well as the Studio, Rain Room and Director's Office.  Each classroom features a library for reading, building zones, and areas dedicated to dramatic play and creative expression.  Restrooms are located in the classroom for our 2s students, and adjacent to our classrooms for our 3s and 4s students. 

Our newest classroom spaces are located on the second floor of the building in a renovated Sunday School wing.  Our 4s and J/K classes enjoy this dedicated space, in addition to a special Art Studio and Literacy Lab.


Our teachers enjoy a wide variety of educational materials from which they can choose as they plan their lessons.  Items are rotated regularly to promote children's interest and to encourage differentiated learning opportunities.

Research in brain development draws connections between the environment and children's sensory needs. Each classroom features sensory bins that encourage scooping, pouring and sifting to help balance children's sensory needs.  Materials are placed intentionally so students can experience quiet and a chance for solo play when desired, as well as opportunities for collaborative play when they are seeking a more stimulating activity.


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